by Irune Serna
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  Nature, 2020.   The Path, 2017.   Light, 2015.  
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  Chiron, 2014.   Sakura, 2014.      

The Odyssey and Ulysses in the main role of the play are life journey's symbols as a path of transformation. It is the journey of the hero/heroine who discovers who he is, what is his/her true nature and what is up with the trip.

I think all of us are heroes/heroines in different stages of the journey. We only have one but an eternal life and numerous trips. Each trip, as every life, is one of a kind and when we accept that we are all unique and peerless, we can definitely understand that there are no little lives, neither more or less important ones, but we all have our place, a story to live and, if we want it, to talk about it.

Heroes' and heroines' stories are full of passion and pain. Only when we accept who we are, when we face our dragons and discover our inner treasures, our transformation is possible, because the hero's journey is an inner journey where we can recognize ourselves and discover our encouraging inner talents.

This path cannot be traveled in a hurry, it is forged by devotion and that is the way that we discover the wealth of the journey itself. It's about getting into the unconscious realms, into the inner seas we are made up. Take a step forward transforms us, in a sort of alchemical process, we recycle our physical processes and renew our physical and energetic tools. This is how we move forward and learn to see that there is always light behind the shadow, the light we are made of.

I welcome any map, plan or tool to address this heroic journey, that help us to go deeper in ourselves. In this way, I compose all my music with this purpose, in order to facilitate the inner journey, the one that leads us to discover our own hero's path.

Each album has a specific thread that, as a map, drives you into yourself, guides you through different parts of the soul, so you can go into yourself approaching in different ways and from different perspectives. All the music is created taking into account the anatomy and physiology of human energetic structures. All tracks are specially composed to create expanded states of consciousness through which you can get to discover the hero that dwells in you.

Thanks to the sound vibration, each track contains an whole energetic universe that is able to take you into yourself. You can listen to them as a great tool to work with yourself, because this sound universe invites you to go deeper into your soul, to travel into your depths, to walk into your inner seas or to fly to imaginary planets where you could find answers to your internal mysteries and thereafter to descend gently and to continue your walking through this planet with fresh mind and lighter heart, willing to be the true main character of your life.

If you want to listen to these albums as ambient music, they are perfect to practice mindfulness, yoga, reiki, therapy, massage, or so on, or simply to set any space where you want to create a relaxing and introspective environment.

Recommendations: Always listen to this music at a proper volume that you find enjoyable. Never force yourself to listen to a song. If when you're listening to it, you do not feel comfortable, leave it for other time, change to another track or get involved in a different activity. Do not listen to this music while doing dangerous activities or something that requires your full attention.

If you want a greater effect through sound vibration you can put an ipod speaker or your headphones on the body area you want to treat. Body perceives sound as vibration in all cells so sometimes maybe it is better to put the vibration on the body in this way, instead of listening to the music with headphones or aloud through speakers.

All the information you could find on this website does not replace any medical or therapeutic advice. If you have a health problem, visit your doctor or therapist in order to get prescribed the appropriate treatment.

You can listen to all the albums and purchase them on all digital platforms.

Enjoy your journey,


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