by Irune Serna
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Nature is a homage to natural world and to our connection as human beings with it. This work proposes an immersion into our own human nature through sounds inspired by the natural environment and natural sounds.

The album is made up of eleven tracks, the first ten ones are compositions inspired by elements of nature, while final track presents natural sound without further editing in order to offer a faithful image of what nature gives us.

In this journey to the heart of Mother Earth, we start connecting with all nature to go on a journey through earth, water, air, prana, tree, mountain and elementals. The penultimate theme, Go with the flow, is part of an intervention in the soundscape of the Gorbeia Natural Park that the artist carried out in the spring of 2019 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its creation.

The album ends with Peaceful Spring, the sound of a spring located in Valvanuz (Selaya - Cantabria), supporting our journey into self's very center. Peaceful Spring is one of many gifts that nature gives us on a daily basis and it introduces us in the field of bioacoustics. This theme lacks post-production in order to beautify it because sound environments that nature generates are already perfect in themselves.

This final track has a global frequency of 665.43 Hz and a global musical note E5, in a way that favors meditative states, relaxation and introspection. Regarding sound quality, this last track is distributed along with the rest of the album on the various streaming platforms in mp3 format, but if you want it in WAV format, to enjoy a deeper effect of natural sound, you can send an email to purchase it.

Enjoy your journey.

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