by Irune Serna
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  conceptual art visionary art  
  conceptual art visionary art  

From her first drawings to the present, the artist has combined the materialization of interests and experiences within what we could group into two environments: conceptual art and visionary art; although, in both cases, both the intellectual concept and the supraconscious artistic exploration through expanded states of consciousness, overflow the materiality of her work.

In any case, given that her creative process is never separated from her personal evolution, the inner search will be the germ that animates any creation, regardless of the fact that the creative processes by virtue of which they materialize come from complementary artistic aspects.

While in the creation of its conceptual basis there is a conscious search, a desire to investigate some experience to which to give materiality from the artistic point of view, in the visionary aspect, it will be the subtle realities that pose the creative challenge. . In both cases, the common place is the mind that opens to the human experience in all its dimensions, which will try to reveal the mystery of the known and the unknown, the visible and the invisible, in an exercise where the artist becomes medium and lends his mind to the service of experience, which is always transformative.

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