by Irune Serna
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Sound as a physical wave requires a material medium where molecules can vibrate. The sound wave, beyond being perceived as audible sound, surrounds us, passes through us and modifies us. Although the Western concept of what music means goes back to the Greek term μουσική, the art of the muses, for the artist both human-made sound and the soundscape offered by nature constitute vibratory sources that we can use as transformative elements.

If through the harmony, melody and rhythm that human beings can create we can be moved while those sound waves pass through our body, the same thing happens with any sound landscape in which we are immersed, depending on its vibratory characteristics we will experience its consequences.

In this sense, the artist has composed musical themes where the main objective focuses on the search for inner well-being, and the works contained in the soundscapes section will be those that show diverse environments where the harmonious or non-harmonious effect of the soundscape on the human being show the differences between them.

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