by Irune Serna
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My third album, Light, is a musical journey into oneself to find love, sweetness and light. I called it Light on the double meaning of the term as a noun, and as an adjective, because when we get rid of the dressings of the past we become lighter and brighter. Stromboli, in a tribute to Jules Verne, chairs the cover as a metaphor for a journey to the center of oneself where there is a way out to so intricate passage, because in his Journey to the Center of the Earth, he told us that in this special volcano was the exit of the center of the planet.

Light is a journey through the inner world, a journey that begins moving towards the light, releasing what you do not want to be with you any more, then, it collects your energy and you can travel to the sun, to your self-awareness, you can walk the path your inner sun gives you so you can see that you're unique in space and time, you can travel to the moon, which always weaves dreams, you get excited and see how your inner star shines with the wisdom that dwells you and makes you unique. When you've already covered some of the aspects of light that lives within you, you realize that you are light, you were always light and you always will be light, but now you shine even more because you have freed yourself of what you did not want, you are freer, more authentic, more yourself.

Light is an intimate album, one of those that helps to look inward, to release and let go. After you listen to it you will see that you can take flight with renewed strength and go ahead as A. Machado taught us "with scant supplies, almost naked, like the children of the sea".

I created this album, to provide a musical support that helps in times of change, whether everyday challenges or more important changes. In our lives, we live many moments of transition, transformation, and often we afraid of letting go, leaving the past behind depending on which kind of change are we facing. Throughout the album I have tried to bring you tools so you can live in a sweet and smooth manner any change or transition time you're dealing with. It may be a change related to your job, health, the relationships, your own identity, family or even the process of physical death.

This is help includes not only something fairly simple like leaving behind the daily stress and going inside into a more conscious dimension of yourself, but also the changes related to the process of disembodiment, through all the physical, emotional, mental and energetic changes that build a life. Light is a musical journey through the different aspects of the self that will help you release outdated patterns and behaviors and discover a fresh new version of yourself.

Enjoy your journey.

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