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This album stems from a collaboration with the astrologer Daniel Bolaños, developed during 2014 and 2015, through Música de las Estrellas.

Although the album has been created using astrological premises, you can fully enjoy its beneficial energy effects, even lacking astrological knowledge. The key point is the effect of the music vibration on your body, regardless of any knowledge in this area or another one that you may have.

If you're familiar with astrology, or at least, you know something about planets, signs and houses, this album will be very easy to handle for you. If you know deeply your birth chart and you are aware of your transits, solar progressions, and so on, this album can become your first-aid kit in many moments of your life.

Chiron in Mythology.

Story tells that the god Chronos fell in love with the Oceanid Filira(daughter of Oceanus and Tethys). Filira asked Zeus to turn her into a mare to run away from the harassment of Chronos, but this one realized Filira’s action and became a horse to possess her. Chiron was born from this union, half man, half horse, and Filira asked Zeus to change her into a lime in order not to nurse such a creature and she abandoned the baby.

Under the shadow of this tree, protected by his adoptive father Apollo, Chiron grows, kind and wise, interested in poetry, writing, and above all, in healing sciences, medicine and remedies.

Chiron lived in a cave away from the other centaurs and enjoyed good relationships with, men who even were instructed by him. Many of them became disciples and friends. Achilles, Aeneas, Asclepius, Jason and Esculapius, among others, heard their advice and let themselves to be guided by his teachings. But one day in the Battle of the Centaurs, Chiron was wounded mistakenly by Heracles in one of his legs with an arrow containing the poison of the Hydra. This poison was deadly for men but as he also had a divine parts, death was not possible, but suffering was. So, despite his vast knowledge in medicine and other sciences, he could not heal the wound that caused him excruciating pain. In this situation and not finding a remedy to heal his wound, he decided to give her immortality to Prometheus, who had sacrificed his life to give mankind fire. In recognition of his great achievements, Zeus gave Chiron a place among the stars turning him into the constellation of Centaurus. Chiron bequeathed to us teachings about medicine, justice, fairness and diligence.

Quirón in Astrology.

Regarding astrological Chiron, generally, in the chart it symbolizes what we can do for others but we cannot do for ourselves. We are able to help others to achieve their goals, but in those same areas we are unable to get our goals.

The astrological house where Chiron is found indicates the area of our life where we will feel hurt, abandoned, unsafe or blocked. This is the field where may arise complexes or uncertainties and where we can feel that our expectations are never fulfilled.

If you wonder about Chiron’s placement in your birth chart, you can check in the following list what its position was in the past decades, taking into account your birth year, so you can know in which sign and element Chiron was at that time:

Chiron in Aries (Fire): 1969-1977, 2019-2027

Chiron in Taurus (Earth): 1977-1984

Chiron in Gemini (Air): 1934-1937, 1984-1988

Chiron in Cancer (Water): 1938-1941, 1988-1991

Chiron in Leo (Fire): 1941-1943, 1991-1993

Chiron in Virgo (Earth): 1943-1945 1993-1995

Chiron in Libra (Air): 1945-1946, 1995-1997

Chiron in Scorpio (Water): 1946-1948, 1997-1999

Chiron in Sagittarius (Fire): 1948-1951, 1999-2001

Chiron in Capricorn (Earth): 1951-1955 2001-2005

Chiron in Aquarius (Air): 1955-1961, 2005-2011

Chiron in Pisces (Water): 1961-1969, 2011-2019

But if you want to be absolutely certain about where exactly Chiron was at the time of your birth, the aspects that it makes to other planets, and so on, it would be better for you to make an appointment with a professional to get your chart read.

From our perspective, all of us incarnate with a mission, a work of the soul to develop, it seems to be extremely important working with those energetic astrological aspects that may be a hindrance or a difficulty in order to get the best approach to this mission. In this sense, Chiron is an important touch stone in the inner work of anyone because he delves into those areas where we feel orphans, abandoned and insecure. Actually, this is only due to the human illusion of separation from the Whole, from the core, from the Source, from the Self, from the Great Spirit or whatever you call it, because that is only a conceptual illusion of human mind. All of us are included in the same vibratory field and we never have been out of this field of consciousness or separated from the Source. In fact, releasing these human "illusions," that fake illusion about consciousness diminishes and we become aware that there is no separation and that is easy because we start to feel it, checking and living it from our own experience.

Our proposal.

Our musical and astrological proposal goes this way. Compositions are created to get each Chiron closer to its essence and not to his wound. This will clean the wound while our inner Master is born Master and we start to transform ourselves. This is the journey of the hero inside him/herself until you can get real awareness that the journey is the essential point and it is the journey itself what gives us the expertise because separation, abandonment, lack of ability or value do not exist.

This album introduces great Master Chiron in each of the signs and houses of the Zodiac mandala. Each track allows you to work the sign and the house where Chiron is, and all the astrological aspects that this planet makes to other signs/houses, either in the birth chart or looking at planetary transits.

Each track is not intended just for anyone with Chiron in such astrological position, because all of us have a first house in our birth chart even though Chiron was not in it, so I advise you to listen to it, no matter where your Chiron is, and this could allow you to become aware of feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, etc., that are arising inside you. You could perceive how something inside is getting transformed in order you can achieve a greater inner authenticity.

Enjoy your journey.

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